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What is schema? A schema is a specific structure of data.

For example

  • a schema of recipe data can be name, category, ingredients, steps, images.
  • a schema of local business data can be name, location, open hours, business categories, images
  • a schema of event data can be name, location, types, open hours, organizer, contributors

A schema defines containers data entity fields. Having universal schema for specific type of data is important when it comes to comparing across one data to another.

Let's say one person collect recipe data and name each field

  • title
  • category
  • steps
  • instruction
  • items
  • chef
  • calories
  • cook time

and another person collect recipe data and name each field

  • name
  • type
  • steps
  • instruction
  • foods
  • author
  • time

If I am to compare one recipe to another, it's a bit of mess, I need to translate which field link to which and I have to do more, if I am to collect more recipe from different groups.

Now you can see that having same naming field and types, which means having same schema, can be nice.

There is open community, schema.org, who is working to define universal schema. We will be basing many of our data schema from their works, and adding our (or your) own fields.

Our service will be translating many data into our universal schema, and at same time helping data to be stored in universal schema so that no translation is needed.

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Written by: Diran